Richard Doering

Richard Doering has joined the PrecisionBS team and will be working to support our client’s documentation, audit, compliance and backup and disaster recovery requirements.

Richard’s interest in technology started young. At 15 years old, Richard, with the help of his mother, opened CheckPoint Technology in Johnstown. CheckPoint Technology was primarily a gaming café, which also provided IT solutions and sold gaming and computer hardware and software.

“It was a learning experience unlike any I have yet to encounter, ingraining in me IT and management best practices and a drive for outside-the-box problem solving,” Richard says.

Richard attended St. Francis University where he graduated with honors, earning a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. He wrote his thesis on the emergence and future of electronic medical and health records. During that time, he closed CheckPoint Technology, and upon graduation, began his career with a local telecommunications company.

In his free time, Richard enjoys playing and recording music, reading, the outdoors, some video games every now and then and watching way too much Netflix. He’s always been a huge fan of Star Wars and comic books. Most of all, he enjoys the quality time he gets to spend with his girlfriend, Anna, their four rescue cats – Molly, Wednesday, Alice, and Xavier – and their big goofy dog, Chewbacca.

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