Arthur Kennedy is the first of three new additions to our tech team this year (since Jared was hired in December). Arthur will be joining our team of technology professionals, who work daily to service and support our clients. We also have two additional professionals joining our team in the upcoming weeks – one joining our incident team and the other focusing on IT security and compliance.

A Portage native, Arthur attended Pennsylvania Highlands Community College (PHCC) and earned a degree in Network Administration/Information Technology.

“Art was my student in multiple classes,” said Kevin Slonka, Sc.D. “The projects that I assign tend to require knowledge above and beyond what is taught in the classroom, requiring students to learn on their own.  Art consistently completed these difficult assignments while receiving higher marks than the majority of his peers”.

Arthur is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Arizona State University.

“Information Technology wasn’t my first choice, as I had also taken classes in mechanical engineering, political science and criminal justice,” Arthur says, “but it was the correct choice for me, as it’s what I’m most passionate about.”

Outside of work, Arthur is an avid outdoorsman, but also enjoys playing video games on his supped-up gaming rig.

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