Server Backup & Replication

Server Replication is a critical component of our Clients’ Backup & Disaster Recovery plan.  We’ll first review the main differences between a traditional data backup, and server replication:

Data Backup – A data backup is the simplest form of backup, which backs up your important data, so in the event of an incident, such as a virus, accidental deletion, or theft, you’re able to restore your data onto a new system.  There are many types of data backup, such as manually backing up to USB drive or using an Online Backup system, which encrypts and backs your data up offsite, automatically.

Server Replication – Server replication involves replicating (or copying) your entire server or server infrastructure to an offsite facility.  With today’s technology and Internet speeds, we’re able to replicate Clients entire server infrastructure offsite to our data center.  This form of backup provides for an exact copy of your infrastructure in our data center, for disaster recovery.

Clients utilizing offsite server replication have a significant advantage when a disaster strikes, as we’re able to rebuild an entire server infrastructure in a matter of hours, as opposed to days or weeks.  In an age where you’re business grinds to a halt when the server is down, a proper business continuity and disaster recovery plan is critical.

A backup is similar to a health insurance policy.  You want to ensure you have a great policy,
but never want to have to use it.


Precision Business Solutions offer two, secure offsite server replication systems, based upon the two primary virtualization systems: VMWare ESXi and Microsoft HyperV.  Our server backup and replication solution is powered by Veeam, the leader in virtual server backup and replication.

Please note, replication isn’t just for large organizations.  Our Server Replication program was geared around small business and is cost effective, with many of our Clients only having one server to protect.  With pricing starting at only $50/month, how can you not afford to have the premium health plan?

VMWare ESXi Solution – Powered by Veeam, we’re able to replicate our Clients servers to our data center on a nightly basis. Additionally, we configure Veeam Backup to create a nightly, encrypted backup, allowing for speedy onsite recovery when needed.

HyperV Solution – Powered by Microsoft HyperV Replication, this is our recommended solution, as HyperV Replication runs continuously throughout the day.  With HyperV Replication, we’re able to backup servers in five-minute increments, so in the event of a disaster during business hours, minimal data is lost.  Similar to ESXi, we configure Veeam Backup to create a nightly, encrypted backup, allowing for speedy onsite recovery when needed.

ESXi & HyperV Solutions – Both solutions include Veeam licensing, which provides an encrypted local onsite backup, we’re able to customize the onsite backup to meet our Clients’ retention and data recovery requirements.

Standalone Server Solution – If you do not have a virtualized server, or your current server doesn’t support virtualization, we may still be able to provide server replication services, providing the piece of mind that your system is protected.

HIPAA Compliance Statement – Precision Business Solutions HealthCare Consulting Division is aware of HIPAA regulations, and has taken the proper steps to ensure our data center replication services are in compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule. For more information or details on our HIPAA Security Rule compliance program, please request to speak to our certified HealthCare Information Systems and Privacy Practitioner, Brian Shrift.