Ransomware is one of the top threats that exist today, which you’ll often hear associated with Phishing and the Cryptolocker virus. When you’re hit with a ransomware attack, your data is encrypted and held hostage, until you pay the “ransom” for the decryption key.  Reports vary for those who have paid the ransom, some being provided the decryption key and others not (a decryption key is simply the password to unlock your data).

The way to recover from a ransomware attack is to restore your data from backup.  That is, assuming you have a current backup.

Depending on your backup and disaster recovery plan, and the time at which a ransomware attack strikes, is located, and stopped, you may lose hours or days of data.  Not to mention the downtime and cost in repair and restoration.  That is why one of the first topics we discuss with a new client is their backup and disaster recovery plan.

Cyberason, an IT Security software company, has developed RansomFree, which is a free software product designed for one purpose…to monitor for and stop ransomware attacks.  We’re currently testing this software in-house on our systems and servers, and if we find no issues or conflicts, we’ll deploy this to all clients subscribed to ProActive.  You’ll often hear me discuss defense in depth, the layers of protections put in place to fortify your systems in an effort to help prevent attacks, and this is one more layer.

For home users, I’d recommend using the link above to download and install this software on your home computers.  It’s often the home users who are hit the hardest, as often times there are no backup protections in place.

This may be my last Tech Talk of the year, so in the event I don’t have anything new to post next week, everyone from Precision Business Solutions wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Brian Shrift

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