With all of the data breaches, both nationally and now locally, we know the importance of IT security when it comes to our Clients’ confidential data. Precision Business Solutions is constantly finding bigger and better ways to service our Clients’ needs. The Nessus Vulnerability Scanner is our newest investment in the security of our Clients’ IT Safety.  How does it work?

While we purchased this system a few months ago, it’s been on the back-burner until recently.  I’ve gone through training and have become a Tenable Certified Nessus Auditor, which has provided me the skills to not only scan for vulnerabilities, but also to use Nessus to scan for compliance issues (Eg. HIPAA, PCI, STIG, etc.).

We’re in the process of finalizing our Nessus procedures, which will involve scheduling reoccurring scans of our Clients’ sites for vulnerabilities and compliance concerns.  As with any service, we’ll be recommending a schedule which is reasonable and appropriate, as every Client is different, with different needs and concerns. Here is a detailed PCI example and a snapshot of the summary report:

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