Online Data Backup

keyboard red button cloud backupA data backup is a critical component of our Clients’ Backup & Disaster Recovery plan. We’ll first review the main difference between our online data backup and server replication services:

Online Data Backup – Our Online Backup system performs a traditional data backup, where it will back up your critical data to our online backup server in our data center, ensuring for a secure and offsite backup.

Server Replication – Server replication involves replicating (or copying) your entire server or server infrastructure to an offsite facility. With today’s technology and Internet speeds, we’re able to replicate Clients’ entire server infrastructure offsite, to our data center. This form of backup provides for an exact copy of your infrastructure in our data center, for disaster recovery.

In summary, a data backup only backs up your critical data, whereas server replication makes a copy of the entire server.

A backup is similar to a health insurance policy. You want to ensure you have a great policy,
but never want to have to use it.

Precision Business Solutions’ Online Backup Service provides data backup for servers or computers, supporting Windows, Mac and Linux. Our service differs from others, as PrecisionBS’ Backup & Disaster Recovery technicians monitor the backups, and take corrective action when they’re not running properly. Additionally, a full range of features are supported:

  • Continuous Data Protection – This feature continuously monitors the system and backs up files as they are updated.
  • Multiple Job Schedules – We’re able to configure backup jobs to run at multiple times throughout the day, or even continuously.
  • Offsite – The data leaves your office and physical infrastructure.
  • Encrypted – Your data is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption then travels to our data center over a TLS connection, remaining encrypted at all times.
  • Data Authentication – Your data is validated using checksum validation.
  • Audit Logs – All system logs are kept for a minimum of six years.
  • Data Retention Policy – The retention policy is customizable and most Clients can go back 7-31+ days to retrieve old files.

HIPAA Compliance Statement – Precision Business Solutions HealthCare Consulting Division is aware of HIPAA regulations, and has taken the proper steps to ensure our data center online backup services are in compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule. For more information or details on our HIPAA Security Rule compliance program, please request to speak to our certified HealthCare Information Systems and Privacy Practitioner, Brian Shrift.