Education has been a focus of ours for the past few years, starting with our Security Awareness and Training video, which educates staff members on security threats and good computing practices.  Since then, we’ve written articles, blog posts, conducted webinars and seminars, and even phished our clients, all in an effort to further educate our clients and their staff.

The latest addition is online quizzes.  These quizzes are mini-assessments, allowing you to assess your knowledge of your IT systems. They’re designed around specific industries, compliance standards, or services.  They’re not long, only ten questions, in length.
As educators, we simply don’t grade you on your answers and issue a pass/fail.  Each question has been selected for its importance, and each question has a detailed answer to explain why the item is important.

The first two quizzes are Backup and Disaster Recovery and IRS Security Recommendations, for safeguarding taxpayer data (‘tis the season).

Please remember that while a quiz may not be specific to your industry, such as the IRS quiz, it doesn’t hurt to review their security standards, as safeguarding taxpayer data would be similar to safeguarding the sensitive and confidential information on your IT Systems.

Brian Shrift

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