Many IT companies today provide IT Support. This means they are simply there to provide a fix, in a time of need. IT Support is great, but it's, most likely, not what your organization needs. At Precision Business Solutions, we don't just offer IT Support, we provide IT Management. IT Management doesn't just show up when there is a problem. We are constantly working in the background, proactively maintaining, monitoring, and documenting your IT Systems, which makes you less likely to even need support!​

When it comes to IT Management, keeping your systems updated, protected and maintained, is our main focus. We have many proactive measures in place to make this a reality, including ensuring systems are patched to protect against the latest vulnerabilities, making sure systems’ anti-virus and spyware protection is current, and that we have the most optimized configuration in place. This isn’t something that’s done once, but all the time! Just like a regular oil change, if you maintain your systems they will last longer and perform better!


  • Management Software (includes Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware )
    • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware – With an IT Management subscription, we’re able to deploy Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, which helps protect our clients systems from viruses and spyware.
    • Monitoring – 24×7, monitoring system health, hardware resources, event logs, and other system resources as requested. In the event issues are detected, Helpdesk tickets are automatically opened alerting a technician to investigate and address. Additionally, we’ve developed custom reports and procedures, which allow us to utilize the monitoring system to help our clients obtain HIPAA HITECH compliance.
    • Auditing – Provides us an up to date inventory of all computer and software assets, including a licensing inventory. This allows us to work with our clients to properly plan for computer lifecycle replacement, or software licensing costs and compliance.
    • Security Patches – Microsoft releases a number of patches to its operating system and software, on a regular basis. These security patches fix vulnerabilities, which allow malicious third parties the opportunity to compromise your system. Not only are these patches important to ensure your systems are protected, but also required for compliance by a number of organizations (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, DoD, etc).
    • Helpdesk – Our clients have full visibility over their IT Helpdesk, including the ability for each end user to quickly and easily report and monitor their Helpdesk tickets.
    • Reporting – What good is collecting all this data if you can’t report on it? We can! A number of reports have been developed which assist us in providing cost effective and efficient service to our clients.
    • Remote Access – Remote access software is provided, to allow our technicians secure and encrypted remote access to systems, in safe and efficient manner to support systems remotely.
  • Network Monitor
    • Real-time network and server monitoring to alert us on network outages, bandwidth problems and device and network performance
  • Domain and DNS Record Management
    • Management of domain and DNS records
  • Drive Encryption
  • Firewall Management
    • Security licensing renewals
    • Firmware updates
    • Routine maintenance
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Testing
    • Performed yearly
    • Certificate on file
  • Documentation and Asset Management
  • Licensing Management
    • All licensing is tracked and managed
  • Media Sanitization and Disposal
  • Office 365 Management
    • License purchasing and management
    • User account management
    • SPAM and e-mail delivery supporting



Client meeting

Our IT Manager will visit your site for an in-depth overview of your IT infrastructure.



Once our IT Manager decides the best program for you, you will receive a proposal of management costs and any suggested upgrades, to bring your IT infrastructure up to quality efficiency.



Our on-boarding process has been strategically outlined, so your transition of services, to Precision Business Solutions, is quick and painless!

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