Last month, if you submitted a priority support request, odds are, Nate, Jon, or Steven, helped you to resolve it.  That’s because they were assigned to our newly created, Incident Support Team, for the month of April.

What is an Incident Support Team?

Our Incident Support Team is a group of technology professionals, dedicated to addressing our clients’ priority support requests (incidents).  Currently, this team is made of a team leader, Nate Sloan, and two additional professionals, who rotate monthly.

What is an incident?

Our definition of incident is “a support request severity, in which a client is prohibited from being able to work.”  Essentially, if a support request is made, which is prohibiting the ability for someone to be able to work, that’s a priority.

Examples of this could be an account lockout, a critical software application that won’t load, or a hardware failure.  Examples of non-incidents, which still receive timely attention, could be the setup of a new hire’s account, installation of a new printing device, “my computer is running slow” request, or not being able to print to a printer 10 feet away, when the printer 25 feet away is working just fine 🙂

Why make a team?

While incidents were always a priority, in discussion with Matt Shutty and Walt Hutsky, we felt that we were at a size now where we could dedicate a team to ensuring one of the top priorities of our clients, resolving an inability to work, was always being addressed in a timely fashion.  We also knew we had the perfect individual to lead the team, as Nate was already tackling every opportunity to support clients in need.

How do you define timely?

The goal of the Incident Support Team is to begin addressing any support request, which is classified as an incident, within one hour of the request being received. When we discussed building this team, the goal was to be able to tell a client that we’ll begin working on any incident within an hour (not that it’ll take that long, but we need to start with a reasonable goal, allowing for further improvement). We’re currently working on detailed analytics, allowing us to report down to the minute, how responsive we are in responding to incidents, but we can already tell this has made a positive impact.

May’s Incident Response Team

The Incident Response Team changes regularly, with the current team members being made up of:

In summary, I wanted to thank you for being a Precision Business Solutions client, and if there is anything we can do to improve our level of service, we welcome all feedback.  Additionally, to help us better support you, for non-urgent issues, it’s best to submit support requests through our website or via email: (you’ll see a Ticket Submission button at the top of the page)

And remember, for any urgent issues or emergencies, please call our office, so we can immediately assist you (814.471.0206).

Brian Shrift

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