Hosted VoIP FAQ

What is “Hosted VoIP?”
We’ll break down both words, starting with VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  In plain English, it’s a phone system which works over your computer network and uses your Internet connection.  Hosted simply means you do not need an expensive phone system in house, instead, you connect to our phone system in our data center.

Cisco SPA504

Cisco SPA504

Why would I want a Hosted VoIP telephone system?
Hosted VoIP telephone systems can be extremely cost effective when compared to a traditional phone system, and often include a host of features, such as Long Distance, Caller ID, Voicemail, etc.

Is there a downside?
As mentioned above, Hosted VoIP uses your network and Internet connection, so if your network or Internet provider have issues, that will affect the quality of your phone calls. To do a basic test of your Internet connection, you can utilize one of the various testers on the Internet, such as one from RingCentral.  Our technicians can also setup a sensor, which will monitor your Internet connections quality.

What features are includes in the PrecisionBS Hosted VoIP system?
All the features you’d expect in a business phone system are included, such as: Long Distance, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Forwarding, Paging, Ring Groups, Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Auto-Attendant (IVR), etc.

Cisco SPA504 with SPA500S

What if I want something better than the Cisco SPA303?
Not a problem!  Our system supports the SPA500 series phones, such as the SPA504 and SPA525G2.  Additionally, the SPA500 series also support a 32 button expansion module (SPA500S), which are often used at a receptionist’s desk.

Is Hosted VoIP Reliable?
Absolutely, as we run our business on it as well.  Additionally, we’ve made our up-time statistics, which are monitored by an independent third party, available for your review:  Up-time Statistics