Precision Business Solutions is proud to announce another Cyber Security Certification, obtained by Dr. Kevin Slonka, a member of the PrecisionBS team. He is now an Offensive Security Certified Professional.

“We are very proud of Kevin for obtaining this certification,” said Brian Shrift, President. “The success rate of passing this certification test is so low they don’t even publish the stats. It’s believed that less than 30% of all people who attempt it, actually pass.” 

To become an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), a person must take a, at minimum, 30-day course followed by a 24-hour long practical exam, which entails connecting to an unknown network, enumerating hosts to find vulnerabilities, exploiting those vulnerabilities without the use of automated tools (e.g., Metasploit, Armitage, sqlmap, etc.), and writing a penetration test report of the findings.

“Cyber Security is of utmost importance,” says Brian. “This is for any organization, of any size. Our clients depend on us to keep their important data safe, their clients’ important data safe, therefore, we will continue to spend the time and money to take our team to the highest level of expertise we possibly can.”  

If you question the security of your IT infrastructure or you’re not sure if you even have security measures in place, call PrecisionBS to discuss your options at 814.471.0206 or visit us online at

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